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08 January 2006

Celebrity BB 4 UK

UK kicks off their 4th Celebrity Big Brother the other day, with a mission for FAKE Celebrity Chantelle.

She is tasked to introduce herself as a Pop Star. Everyone else in the room, a couple from the entertainment industry, was puzzled for not knowing who she is.

"Is this the conspiracy still going on?" says one Celebrity Housemate.

She was the first to enter the house and while the other housemates were not yet there, BB asked her into the diary room. A clip of Chantelle's mission instruction and a preview of how CBB is done UK-style:

- Chantelle
- Dennis Rodman - claim to fame: NBA star/weirdo
- Faria Alam - claim to fame: former model; Football Association Sex Scandal
- George Galloway - claim to fame: politician
- Jodie Marsh - claim to fame: socialite/stripper/sexy star
- Maggot - ?
- Michael Barrymore - claim to fame: comedian/gay/game show host
- Pete Burns - claim to fame: musician from the 70's - 80's
- Preston - ?
- Rula Lenska - claim to fame: actress
- Traci Bingham - claim to fame: playboy playmate

Celebrity Big Brother
Season 4
Network: Channel 4 UK


  1. Hiya Mindy!! Love the new blog. As I am here in England (di naman halatang excited ako at pinag pipilitan ko talagang nasa England ako no?! haha)...I get to watch CBB (sometimes. kasi they call big brother - shit tv!)Anyways...di ako makafollow mashado. gusto ko lang i share.

    *Shayne - tiga benta ng shoes sa Clarks. He's from Manchester...baka makita ko dito yun! haha

  2. Wohaaaaw, parang ang tagal mo yata diyan? Baka British Accent ka na? He-he!

    Pagnakita mo si Shayne, kurot mo singit para sa akin. :D

  3. I can't understand the bloody accent! di mo malaman kung bulol or tlagang di nila ma pronounce yung "g" at the end of words (thinking - thinkin, clicking - clickin, drinking - drinkin)
    bitin ever!

    hahanapin ko pa si shayne bago ako umuwi ng dubai! haha