02 March 2011

Pretty Little Liars: A Person Of Interest

Last night on Pretty Little Liars...

I really dug the Sergeant Spencer Hastings look:

I liked Aria in the beginning, but I'm slowly leaning towards Spencer now. I love that she is smart and dresses smartly. I love her curiosity. But I also love her vulnerability. Of the four girls, I think Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) is most capable as an actress.

I was thinking Lucy Hale is the biggest star of the show, having starred in a couple of primetime shows than the rest of these girls. But how quickly did her story line (as Aria) drown into the background, putting Spencer to the front & center?

I liked this Marc Jacobs number on her from last week, by the way:

I could not resist sending Hannah Marin a text last night:

She lost her virginity to Caleb, who, we found out, has an agenda against the girl(s). Who did Caleb talk to on the phone? A?

And I guess,  this is how Emily will react when she learns Hannah's new secret:

That's the best the girl can do. Let's not force it. I can't deny, however, that of the four girls, she oozes with sex appeal and beauty the most.

Have you been watching PLL? How are you liking the flow so far? I've been reading a couple of cast interviews that seem to suggest they won't be basing the killer from the book. It's gonna be someone else.

Also, in the most recent chapters of the book, it turns out Allison has a long-lost twin who resurfaces in town. No one knows about this twin. Not even Allison's mom. Was it the twin who had been orchestrating all these?

This show has got me really hooked!