08 March 2011

"The Kennedys" TV Mini-Series Teaser with Katie Holmes & Greg Kinnear

The TV mini-series "The Kennedys" was supposed to have died a couple of months back. Even before it had the chance to air, the History Channel decided they didn't want it, saying it didn't fit their brand. But another channel stepped in and gave it new life. And hopefully, we will be to watch Greg Kinnear play President John F. Kennedy and Katie Holmes play First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Like many people, America's "Royal" Family fascinates me.  Countless of books, movies and TV shows have been done about them. The reason why History Channel passed on this is because there was apparently a conflict between historical accuracy and historical fiction. The latter is very common in show business, when telling a story based on real people and real events.

Whether historically accurate or whether the crew exercised creative license too much, the trailer shows a potential fascinating drama, which I think is always great for TV. (The more I can watch, the better!)

Greg Kinnear always delivers as an actor. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, is probably going to look to this as her most challenging role to date. I hope she surprises me when I watch it.

The series debuts April 3 on ReelzChannel (USA Cable).

Watch the trailer below: