07 March 2011

For Your Prison Break Fix, Here's BREAKOUT KINGS

Michael Scofield in Prison Break isn't coming back ever again. And if you're missing all that action and suspense, there's a new show premiering tonight that could help fill the void. It follows the same theme. It's called Breakout Kings.

I don't know much about it and I'm trying not too read a lot so as not to spoil my anticipation. All I have are the following:
  • It's created by two former producers of Prison Break
  • Some of the convicts are already out of prison. I got that from the teaser (below).
  • The storyline will focus on how they evade the authorities so that they won't go back to jail. Or how the authorities are trying to look for them and catch them.
  • Which means, unlike Prison Break with its season-long episode arc, Breakout Kings is a procedural. You can watch one episode and won't miss a lot for the whole season.
  • T-bag from Prison Break is guest on this series. Also, Jacob from Lost.
Sounds good?

Here's the teaser: