04 March 2011

Ex-LOST Actors Finding Gigs Back on TV

Missing the cast of LOST? Don't fret. I think they all took a year-long break before going back to TV. I mean, except for Daniel Dae Kim, who stayed in Hawaii to do Hawaii Five-O immediately after Lost ended and Dominic Monaghan who was in the unremarkable Flashforward series.

But the rest of the Losties? Fortunately, for us fans, some of them are back on TV this year!

Here's a quick rundown on where you will be seeing them ---

  • HURLEY (Jorge Garcia) - He was on How I Met Your Mother recently and he occasionally appears on Mr. Sunshine with Matthew Perry. But Jorge Garcia will be starring in Alcatraz next season as Diego Soto.
  • SAWYER (Josh Holloway) - He's filming a movie but he will also be appearing in the highly anticipated Paintball 2 finale of the comedy, Community.
  • BEN (Michael Emerson) - He was on Parenthood the other week, playing a guy with Asperger's Syndrome. He will be joining the show Persons of Interest, from JJ Abrams due in the 2011-2012 season.
  • DESMOND (Henry Ian Cusick) - He is moving to Shondaland (Shonda Rhimes. Oh, brother!) and will star in Damage Control,  which I think is a show about crisis management experts. 
  • CHARLOTTE (Rebecca Mader) - She guest starred in No Ordinary Family for a multi-episode arc and will soon be in the series, Aim High, which is about a teenager who is a spy. 
  • DANIEL FARADAY (Jeremy Davies) - He is seen in this second season of Justified which is currently airing.

There was briefly a rumor about Locke and Ben starring in their own cop series, but this was never confirmed. Do you know of any of the other Losty going back to TV? Who did I miss?