30 March 2011

Camelot on Starz: First Thoughts

I just finished watching the pilot episode of Starz Channel's Camelot and the word I'd like to associate it best with is --- PLEASED! Seriously, when the episode ended, it was the one word I could think of.
  • I'm PLEASED it stars James Purefoy and Eva Green. They're the evil characters of the series and I think they've picked the best actors/actress to play the roles of King Lot, Arthur's nemesis and Morgan, Arthur's half-sister who also knows dark magic.
  • I'm PLEASED the kid playing Arthur the future King of England, Jamie Campbell Bower, is capable and not at all cheesy. 
  • I still couldn't get over Joseph Fiennes' failure as the hero of last year's Flashforward, but I'm PLEASED that as Merlin on Camelot he is slowly winning me over as an actor again. 
  • I am NOT PLEASED to see Claire Forlani old and wrinkly, though. She plays Arthur's mother in this series. But I'm PLEASED to see her on screen, just the same. 
I've watched Merlin on the Hallmark Channel when it aired on cable a few years back. Camelot's mood is a lot darker compared to that one. The husband has introduced me to the tales of King Arthur (Excalibur, et. al.) long ago and I've been captivated by its legend, which is why Camelot's something I've been waiting to see when I first learned this was going to get a series treatment.

And overall? I'd say the show has good casting but not so great writing. I do hope the writing improves as the show progresses. But I've no real complaints about Camelot and would be anticipating the second episode when it airs.