19 March 2011

Hot Dang! Presenting...Wonder Woman 2011 [Costume, Logo, Details]

How, how, how will she be able to move in this ultra-tight fitting thing?

Photo from TVLine

Looking at this photo via thumbnail, I thought it was an action figure and not a real human being. I think they've really patterned this after the comic book series.

Those too young to remember or have not yet been born to see Lynda Carter in her costume, well this is how she looked like:

Also, here is supposedly the new logo for the series:

Details about the pilot script:
  • As announced, there will be three alter egos: Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and Diana Themyscyra (the head of Themiscyra industries). While the whole world knows Diana T and Wonder Woman is one and the same (ala Tony Sparks/Ironman), no one knows Diana Prince is also both identities.
  • In Diana T's basement, there's no high-tech laboratory of sorts to do her work (again, ala Tony Sparks). Instead, a group of young CSI-ish people live there, and they are the ones helping her solve crimes.
  • There is no invisible jet. But Diana/WW owns plenty of colorful rides, including an aircraft.
  • Similar to the old series, Diana has a BFF named Myndi Mayer and hopelessly pines for an ex-BF, Steve Trevor in this new version.
There's more on that here.

So, what do you think? I hear screams all over the internet. Not everyone's loving the costume.