11 March 2011

Fascinating How Life Imitates Art: Comet #Elenin & The Earthquakes

I interrupt the program to express my prayers and safety for the people of Japan.

I've been feeling restless and agitated  upon learning of the news earlier. Watching what has happened on TV broke my heart and I got even more depressed. It was hard to contain tears when I saw those images.

Curiously, while seeking for more updates about the disaster, one of my contacts on Facebook posted a link to a video from an astrophysicist/scientist declaring that the earthquake may have been caused by a comet. This comet, named Elenin, discovered in December 2010 by a Russian scientist, Leonid Eleinin, is supposedly causing the Earth to shift from its path, resulting in all these Earthquakes and other disasters the world is experiencing. Elenin is expect to bring full impact by October of 2011, which could mean more disasters in the months to come, with the most devastating one happening around that time.

Here is the video I'm talking about:

On a lighter note, I could not help but observe how much life has been imitating movies and television, with all these disasters affecting us. The deaths of black birds in massive proportion in January felt as if it has been lifted from the scripts of "Flashforward".

And then we have this....the news regarding Elenin, which feels a lot like "Deep Impact", with a black American President to boot.

Only, this is happening for real.  No director is yelling "cut!" or wrapping up the day's events.

I know that this is alarming and I'm sure that if you google "Comet Elenin", you'd come up with more hits that can prove or disprove this information. You can take it for what it is, debunk it, or as most people in my country would do --- pray and ask for protection from the Supreme Being that we will be spared from more calamities.

Anyway....bounce, back Japan! And be safe, everyone. Live a good and enriching life, love the one you're with and be compassionate to those who are difficult to get along. Because as these disasters show, whether this is real or on TV, it all can end for us in an instant.