21 November 2010

What I'm Thanking TV For in 2010

Conan O' Brien sports a beard upon his return
Television....besides being invented (and has since upgraded into HDTV technology, with the thinnest of styles and models, making viewing so much more pleasurable!), I am so grateful to you this year for:
  • The return of Conan O' Brien
  • The Walking Dead
  • Alex O' Loughlin
  • Comedies like Raising Hope, Modern Family, Community, The Middle and Better With You.
  • Michael Chiklis (read: In Awe of Michael Chiklis in No Ordinary Family)
  • Great drama shows with strong female leads like Rizzoli & Isles, The Good Wife, The Big C
  • Laura Linney doing her own TVshow
  • Kyle Sandilands on X Factor Australia
  • Matt Cardle on X Factor UK
  • Patrick Jane 
  • Rick Castle
  • Amy Farrah Fowler
  • Martha Plimpton (love, love her! My new Sue Sylvester!)
  • Mondo Guerra 
  • Lonestar, though aired rather briefly
  • Girlpower fix on Nikita
  • Finales of Lost and 24 (sad, and at the same time relieved when it ended)
  • Accessories inspiration on Cougar Town
  • Fashion inspiration on Pretty Little Liars
  • That cute Umbrella/Singing In The Rain number on Glee

What about you? What are you most thankful for from TV this year?