17 November 2010

You made my eyes really puffy with this, The Big C!

This scene from The Big C? It broke my heart, pulling it from where it's most sensitive; that after I cried (which was actually only briefly, by the way), it seemed like I cried for hours. My eyes were so puffy.

As I mother (and as someone who has fears of dying from cancer --- I don't have it, knock on wood! But I have morbid thoughts it's what's gonna kill me!) I can relate to this so, so well.

This is the scene where Cathy's son, Adam, finally hits it and internalizes the reality that his mother is dying. When he was told about it by his parents earlier, he was sort of disinterested, hardly stupefied, which his mother thought was insensitive.

And then he found out about his mother's secret storage place, filled with all of these ----

Last night was the season finale of The Big C and I think that it ended on high note. It closed perfectly, like the way you would expect Cathy to finally exit "life".

I read online that Season 2 will deal with Cathy's anger next, (whereas Season 1 was denial) and that Marlene isn't necessarily out of the series...Nice!