14 November 2010

Dear Big Bang Theory: Please Make Mayim Bailik a Permanent Part of Your Show!

If kids today have their Demi Lovatos and their Selina Gomezes, in my day we had someone like Mayim Bailik. As a child actress on TV, she was spunky and funny, playing the role of Blossom. The TV show ran for five seasons in the 90's. Watch one of the opening credits below:

Mayim Bailik in the 80's
Mayim grew up, went to college, became a neuroscientist (!), got married and had kids. But once in a while, she would appear on TV programs where I would hardly recognize her since she's changed so much since.

Recently, Mayim has a recurring guest spot on The Big Bang Theory. I've had the pleasure watching her shine there, as she exhibits just how good a comedian she is.

In the series, she is Amy Farrah Fowler, described as one of the main character's (Sheldon) "girl friend, not girlfriend". Sheldon met her through an online dating service. And just like him, Amy Farrah Fowler is a someone with high intelligence quotient, but a less than developed emotional quotient. Together, ShAmy or, Sheldon + Amy Farrah Fowler (that's how they call her character on the show! They use her complete name!), absolutely complement each other. They mirror themselves so well, that I think Mayim's addition on the Big Bang Theory would make a perfect fit.

This week's episode had me so convinced, Mayim should be hired and made permanent in the series:

Amy Farrah Fowler: Next on Wikipedia's list of Slumber Activities: Truth or Dare.
Penny: Okay, it's your game, you go first.
AFF: Hang, on....I'm familiarizing myself with the rules....(pause)...seems fairly straightforward.

AFF: (Turns to Bernadette). Bernadette, truth or dare?
Bernadette: Truth!
AFF: Alright, to what temperature must you heat beef in order to kill the prion that causes bovine spongiform encephelopathy?

Bernadette: Uhm...I'm not ----
AFF: Remember --- you have to answer honestly.
Penny: No, uhm...Amy,  you're supposed to ask her something personal or embarrassing.
AFF: Oh. Alright. Bernadette, what is the circumference of your areolas?

I could not stop laughing at this scene!

Are you tuning to Big Bang Theory and are you loving Amy Farrah Fowler's addition?