05 November 2010

The Cover is Blown: NBC Cancels Undercovers

Goodbye Mr & Mrs Bloom
Because it did not pick up with ratings, NBC has decided to pull the plug on this J.J. Abrams series, Undercovers, and will not be picked up to complete the season.

Did you see this coming? I didn't. But that's just it. I could not care less where this show goes.

Although I follow the show every week hoping for some improvement... believe it or not, nothing about Undercovers stuck with me. I even had to Google search "Undercovers" a few minutes ago because I couldn't remember the names of the lead characters!

Other than the fact that it barely makes 6 Million viewers each week, this series, unfortunately, did not have any hook. It got so predictable and so very bland. For something J.J. Abrams wrote and created, I expected so much more. (SO. MUCH. MORE!)

Each episode is the same thing week after week and it seems only the bad guys get replaced. And even that? So run-of-the-mill! The villains were the kind Jack Bauer could eliminate the first hour, without flinching.

You can close your eyes watching Undercovers and still know what happens.

So, yeah...this is hardly surprising.

You can read about the cancellation here.