20 November 2010

Too Much TV now on Facebook

Dear Five Readers of my Blog =),

It has taken me awhile to decide on doing this because I thought that, with no real products nor ideas to sell or promote, having a "page" would be indulgent.

I thought those were reserved for blogs with authority. While I do know what I'm talking about (by way of my TV addiction, more than anything), I can't consider myself as such.

But I have finally opened a Facebook Page for Too Much TV.

I was pushed to do it 1) for technical reasons as I was trying to figure out how those Facebook buttons actually work (still can't, darn!); 2) for branding, which I finally have to succumb to (social media, FTW!).

Anyway, I hope you'll "like" it.

And I hope to the TV gods I can blog more sensibly and properly with this now in place. This means, I have to do away with blogging in the wee hours of the morning when I'm still sleepy and my brain is fuzzy and I can't quickly figure out "your" for "you're" until ten hours later. (Sonofagun, I have to learn how to edit 100x before publishing!)

Thanks so much for watching too much TV with me all these years!