03 November 2010

Convince me to watch AMC's Walking Dead....coz I'm one huge scaredy cat!

The genre I watch the least is horror or suspense thriller. I like cheering for heroes and booing anti-heroes in an action-packed TV show. I enjoy laughing myself silly when tuning to comedies. I also like making myself cry with misery (or happiness, too!) from watching drama scenes unfold. I find all of these therapeutic.

But to scare the hell out of my wits? Who wants to feel that?

So you see, I find no point in watching horror and suspense.

However, I can tolerate vampires fine. I don't especially feel lukewarm to them, but I have to admit to holding a certain level of fascination for those blood-sucking creatures. (Don't we all?)

The ones I dislike the most? Zombies. Scary freaking zombies.

Which is why when I read all about the hype Walking Dead was generating weeks before it premiered...I made a mental note to avoid this show at all cost.

Bitten by the curious bug, though, I watched the trailer/teaser that was going viral on Youtube. I should be impressed by its quality. You could tell it had been done well. Expensively and creatively well. But it still did not make me wanna watch.


My husband's a huge fan of things like this. (What's with boys and zombies??!) He's a sucker for the scary stuff but normally does not like watching scary stuff all by himself. As much as I want to avoid this one, I'm in the same room with him and the television is just right there.

So, tonight, we're watching the Walking Dead pilot episode. The copy of it has been sitting in my hard drive for about two weeks now. I've been specifically avoiding it.  Tonight though, as the date is set... I gather guts and strength to get through an hour or so of a show that actually had a very successful debut when it premiered last October 31st.

Have you watched Walking Dead or are planning to?

How'd you convince me to like it and not be turned off scared by it?

EDITED BIG TIME: Because I'm the idiot who calls Walking Dead, WAKING DEAD.