29 November 2010

Game Of Thrones Teaser (One Minute, Released Nov. 28)

I've been waiting for Game of Thrones ever since I read that it was going to be adapted into a TV Series. That report was some two years ago.  I have not read the book(s) from which this series is based on (Song of Ice & Fire). But the news report had the words "epic" and "fantasy" written down, I was immediately drawn.

I love me a good fantasy story; one so elaborately done with layers of plots or interesting characters (in gorgeous costumes). I love it even more when it is set in breathtaking places (in this case, Ireland), with tons of sword fights, to boot.

Produced by HBO, Games of Thrones initially had two teasers out. None of these teasers actually showed what the series is about, especially for someone who isn't familiar with the book. But the other night, this new teaser, all one minute of it, ran on HBO. And it's looking a lot clearer now ---

Too excited for this one! Spring 2011 could not come any sooner!