30 November 2010

Off The Map Teaser, Airing Jan 12, 2011

They call this one the Grey's Anatomy that's set in the jungle. South America, to be exact. Off The Map is a new doctor series created by Shonda Rhimes, airing on ABC beginning Jan 12th next year.

Not a big fan of Shonda, sorry.  And I expect somewhere along the way, this show will get mega-supa-melodramatic and pointless. :P

However, I am a huge fan of one *very good actor* (stressing this!), Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights).  Although I was put off by his decision to join this show (coz he will be doing less of that acting and more of that kissing-everyone-else!)... I am going to see how he'll fare here.

Anyway, here's the newest teaser....with Zach Gilford already taking his shirt off. Did the deed, too! What did I tell you, huh???