13 July 2010

Is anyone willing to tell me why I should be watching Rookie Blue?

Rookie Blue
Sometimes, it's news like this that makes me doubt my taste in TV shows...

Rookie Blue, the show I dissed not long ago is getting a Season 2 order and is apparently the.....HIGHEST RATED SCRIPTED SHOW for this summer run. 

What in the world?! Was I mistaken? Is the show actually worth my time? Should I reconsider and watch it a second time around?

And then I realized....it's not so much the show, but how summer programming works. Networks usually keep it light and simple, since many couch potatoes are assumed to be off their asses and vacationing somewhere. Put this up in the Fall and I'm certain it will be yanked before anyone can diss it some more. Right?

But then again...I could be mistaken. I could be missing out on something....like I'm missing out on True Blood, which I didn't like at all and now it's on its third season, an Emmy nominated series and people are raving about it! (I have the first season DVD, gathering dust. Alright, alright! I'll get to it....next year. Or some time...)

So, is anyone out there watching Rookie Blue? Are you part of the 4.2Million viewers watching it? If you are....then, please tell me what makes this show watchable for you? I need more convincing.