27 July 2010

My Most Unwanted List

I asked folks at Team Carnival about People You Want To See Less On TV and I've got six bloggers with their choices:

  • Mara thinks there's a blurring line between politicians and showbiz and those that ride both fences. Those are the "breed" of people she doesn't want to see on TV anymore.
  • McLaren lists down six people (seven if you count the pair) she doesn't want to see on television because they give her "more stress than she could stand".
  • Em has eight people on her list, mostly from local TV. She hardly watches this, being based abroad. But when her parents' friends are over their house, they would always tune to The Filipino Channel and she would "watch with the whole clique".
  • Lornadahl unleashes TV stress by listing down her favorite programs first, before coming up with her diss-list. She names five very prominent figures she wants to avoid seeing in local TV.
  • Rose puts four people on her list of un-wanteds. She dislikes these celebrities' personalities on the small screen as well as the endless issues hounding them.
  • Lelila picked two people she dislikes seeing on TV and I agree with her choices so much.

As for my own choices... it's so easy to pick from our local channel, isn't it? We really do have a lot of annoying ones on local T. Some of these people are actually on the lists I've just read from these bloggers. (Kris and Willie top mine for local celebrities, too!)

There was a time when I got so tired of seeing the Fab 5, those queer guys from that queer lifestyle show.  They haven't been on TV in years but I just saw one of them recently in another program. It has not made any difference.

I don't like seeing Katherine Heigl on TV, or anywhere. Izzy Stevens (Grey's Anatomy) is someone I'm not fond of. It's a good thing she did leave television last year. I'm no longer subjected to seeing her face when cable TV's run their promos of the show.

Kara DioGuardi from American Idol? There's something about her that's unlikeable to me and my girlfriends. Maybe we're just too jealous of her confidence (or over confidence? haha!).  I've also developed a tiny (but growing) dislike for Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson. Maybe not entirely their fault, but from my watching too much of that popularity-singing contest. Which is why, I've stopped watching it last year.

The women of Desperate Housewives, collectively. Individually, they're fine (I love Felicity Huffman), but together? I change the channel pretty quickly. Or tune out when there's a news about their show.

Can you add more to the list? Holler in the comments below!