19 July 2010

Steal this, scum!

I interrupt the program for another non-TV related post...

It may seem as though I've been obsessing about it. But I've been finding a way to stop this thief from stealing my blog content for a month or so now. I've had a few favorable results, thank you very much! There are some good, helpful people on the internet.

But I am now praying for a complete action. And I know that to get that from the-powers-that-be may take awhile. So I'm doing all I can, on my end, to stop  a site from harvesting my content.

Yesterday, I tinkered with my feed reader. I tried doing that the first time I found out, but a feature that I wanted seemed to be missing then. It's there now and yep, I did get the result I want.

Now, anyone who tries to steal my content off my feeds will only get 150 characters out of it. Plus, there's a redirection to my site with a disclaimer (which I had already placed before). *150-characters* is the operative phrase. In a Google-bot's world...that means shit. Although I understand those following my blog via a reader will probably find this an inconvenience, because of the redirection, but it's something I must do.

So, take that thief! And thank you for the free blog promotion! =)

This is a screen cap of the site that has been stealing my content.

Now, back to regular programming...