29 July 2010

I interrupt the program to say --- I'm a Doggie Grandma!

Witnessed the amazing birth of these pups yesterday afternoon. I've had so many dogs growing up. But this is really the first time I was actually there when the dam gave birth (from conception, to pregnancy, to labor to after-labor).

They are the kids of our Jack Russells, Daphne & Eddie. And they will turn our world around for the next three months (after which, the family will decide if we keep them all or dispose....)

Being the TV fans that my husband and I are, these dogs are named after characters from Frasier: Daphne (Mom), Eddie (Dad) + Roz (the only girl), Niles, Frasier, Marty and Bob (Bulldog Brisco).

Join me in welcoming them to the world!