06 July 2010

Catching Up on Castle & Beckett

Our internet access is craaawwwling...and I can't really do much with it. On the bright side, this time seems to be a better time for this to happen as there aren't a lot of new episodes to follow this week because everyone's on a holiday (July 4th revelry).

While waiting for our internet service to go back to normal, I've alternately watched old episodes of Friends and caught up with Castle's most recent season.

Rick Castle and Det. Kate Beckett
Did I ever tell you about Castle?

The series stars the wonderfully witty Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, this very successful whodunit novelist who shadows police detective Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic, as she is his source material for his next book. The book's already been published. In fact, you can get a copy of it at Amazon. Find an Amazon coupon here. It even comes with the fictional Richard Castle byline and the book has even ended up in the New York Times' Best Seller list! Real life mystery novelists Stephen J. Cannell, James Patterson and Michael Connelly, sometimes appear on this series, too (as Castle's poker buddies).

The show, while formula procedural, is lighthearted but engaging and the budding romance (or un-budding romance?) between Castle and Beckett brings tension to the story. I like that Beckett doesn't back down to Castle's advances...though I don't really get Castle's advances. He's bold and yet, slightly idiotic about showing her how he feels.

If you have nothing else to watch this time, I highly recommend this.


I was also able to watch the first episode of this British series, Rev. and this FX comedy series, Louie. Hadn't planned on watching. In fact, I think I deleted this from my pile but the hubs told me to check it out since he had watched it earlier and he finds both show odd yet interestingly funny.

Rev somehow feels like watching The Office, if The Office happened to be in the Church. And Louie's got a few sick jokes, that I think appeals to men such as the hubs, a lot. I don't 'not like' both shows, though, just not something I'd really sit around for, on a normal day. But with nothing much to do, since our broadband sucks, I'll really watch anything at this point.

Okay then. I'll be right back....when PLDT has fixed our lines well since this temporary wireless mobile internet doesn't allow me to do much, really.