07 July 2010

Last Comic Standing 7: So far? Suckage. Except for that couple who got caught on camera kissing!

I google-searched for this first, thinking maybe someone else saw that there was a couple sitting at the back, in the audience, and they kissed while judge Greg Giraldo was giving his comments on Last Comic Standing.

Maybe I didn't search for the right keywords. Or maybe this just proves --- no one watches this show that much anymore. Because I found no mention of it online.

Here's the video. PDA on live, nationwide TV.  Check the couple to the back-right side of the judge.

Did they have an idea the camera caught them? I think the girl did (she seemed to have looked at a monitor afterwards!). I think this was a dare.

I also think --- how lame has Last Comic Standing become? Or how lame have I become? Because of the dozen or so comedians that had to do their set for this competition, the one moment I got really excited about? Was this moment!  And it wasn't even a passionate kiss!

The jokes on the other hand? The reason why this show is there? Totally un-funny!

The only reason I still watch LCS is the same reason why I still watch others, even if I whine about it all the time --- Out of habit. I still can't get if off my system. Wonder when will that be?

Are you still watching Last Comic Standing?

Or have you even heard of the show? (The hubs had someone watch this one time a few weeks ago, and he was surprised to learn there was this American Idol-ish competition for Comedians. He had not heard of LCS before.)