15 July 2010

Wasssup? I think I need to plug myself into a power source this weekend!

We were without power for almost 18 hours yesterday since a typhoon hit our country. I'm behind some shows this week. Real life got in the way. :P

However, I did manage to watch the pilot episode of Covert Affairs (coolness!), and have checked out succeeding episodes of Louie (I mentioned it in blurb here. It really is a show for the male audience. My male chip is so amused!), as well as Hot In Cleveland (surprisingly watchable as the weeks go, and is in fact, renewed for a second season already). Also was able to watch two TV documentaries, one on the real Glee Clubs in America (Youtube has it!and the other was Mind Games, an ABC magazine talk show on psycho killers...I did not know why that was on my list, but it was there for me to watch, so I did!

Rizzoli & Isles  --- which I have yet to watch!
I'm about to watch a boatload this weekend, with regulars like Drop Dead Diva, Pretty Little Liars, The Good Guys, So You Think You Can Dance  and a few others that I can't remember right now because I'm starting to get dizzy. I will also be checking out new shows like The Glades, and two that I've missed and know nothing about at all (again!), The Bridge and  TNT's Rizzolli & Isles.

On top of that, I have to make double-time with work, for the days that I've missed. And I have household chores to do, movie date nights and make-out sessions with the husband (haha, alright not really!), a son to supervise re: school work...... and dogs to watch over since one is almost about to burst with puppies (any day now *cross fingers*....any of the remaining 15 days now!)

And did I mention, I've been sick??

How on earth will I manage all these without plugging myself into a power source??