01 August 2010

Oh my gosh, it's August!

...which means, Fall TV premieres? Nearly here. Woot!!!!!!

I'm currently trying to watch Season 3 of Chuck. *Trying* because I fell asleep halfway through whatever episode it was I had last on. My immune system is down, I guess, as I have a nasty cold and my nose has been runny since yesterday. My body is tired from doing mommy duties and dog-mommy duties. Taking care of new born pups is no joke. These cuties haven't even learned to walk yet, or climb out of their box, and I'm already beat! :P Daphne's temp is also spiking... which worries me a bit. I don't want a sick dog on my watch. :(

I didn't have much sleep last night, too, because...on the last minute, I decided to watch six episodes of Bravo's Work of Art. I started at around 10 PM, finished it at around 1:30 am. :P Fun show! (Work of Art, by the way, is a lot like Project Runway, though it features artists and their work is judged at an art gallery. The series is produced by Sarah Jessica Parker).

So, that's it for now, will try to rest because tomorrow's going to be another busy day! Leaving you with these pics... so you can go "Oooh"and "Aaaah"! =)