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21 January 2013

Daily TV News: Fringe, Wedding Band, Horror TV and more!

"So now we know what Fringe was really about, all this time" | via io9. Fringe bowed out of TV last week. I am currently getting caught up in between doing the daily grind and my routines. I've forgotten how much I really loved the Walter Bishop character.

"The Encore: Talking with 'Wedding Band' Star Peter Cambor" | via Starpulse. Wedding Band Season 1 ended last night. Solid show, overall and we're all waiting for news of its renewal.

"Beware — serial killers loose on broadcast TV" | via LA Times. Serial killers as lead characters were once dominant on cable only.

If serial killers are on the lose, it's also setting up the rise of Horror TV: "Helpful Hints for Household Horror" | via NY Times. Horror/suspense...my least favorite genre, but it's drawing lots of viewers and the most I can tolerate (and actually love!) is Grimm. I also love The Walking Dead but I tend to cover my eyes or look away when there are zombies on the screen.

This one's for those who remember these two networks: "The Nine Forgotten Gems of the WB and UPN" | via Vulture.

"10 of the Greatest Pop Culture Homage TV Episodes" | via Flavorwire. I think I've seen 7 out of 10 of these.

"Home Design Tips from NBC's Parenthood Set" | via Homesessive. There are more videos about Parenthood and the set design on this site.

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