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14 March 2011

Goodbye Glee, Hello Gossip Girl!


Watched Glee last weekend. Decided it was time I quit it. I'm so over it now.

The stories weren't really making sense. It never did, from the beginning. The characters do not make any point. And the production numbers are beginning to look like this afternoon teen show our generation used to watch on local TV. They're not even picking out good songs. 

So, I'm abandoning this show and will be waiting till that new musical series (Smash with Debra Messing) starts in the Fall.


Upon the suggestion of a friend, I started watching Gossip Girl with a new mindset. I used to think so differently about this show and admittedly, I didn't give it real chance.

Gossip Girl is well-written, with many flawed characters you can both love and hate.  I don't what possessed me to say that it's shallow and superficial. Was I so mistaken, I see that now.  Because after re-watching and completing the first season, I finally saw that it's nothing but that. I should've trusted Josh Schwartz, especially since I love all his other shows.


So what about you ---

Which former favorite are you thinking of ditching and which show are you planning on giving a second chance?


  1. Admittedly, I'm watching Gossip Girl these days because of Dan and Blair. After three seasons, only now have these two been interacting more frequently and it's actually fun.:) I'm getting the Pacey/Joey vibe but I'm also reminded by Ryan/Taylor (The OC) whenever they banter. Haha!

  2. Oh!! I'm going to look forward to that. I can't believe I let this one slip! Even the adult characters are written well.

  3. I thought I was the only one who thought Glee was getting a bit weird (and so not for kids!). I didn't even bother watching the whole episode last week, just bits and pieces...me not likey! It was Gossip Girl I started watching again maybe 2-3 weeks ago (plus I'm sticking to Vampire Chronicles).

  4. minds!!!! im so happy you liked GG, L! ako, officially addicted na talaga... xoxo!

  5. Rufus and Lily 4-evah! Hahah! Thanks for convincing me Ate Gits!

  6. I've been reading your blog. :"> You like Rufus & Lily too. I never get tried of watching their story especially during season 1! Super Kilig!