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15 March 2011

A Different Kind Of TV Show With Dogs [Wilfred Teaser]

I've wondering about this, wondering if they are ever going to make a TV series with dogs. Like maybe have a show top-billed by a hunky veterinarian with relationship problems (too cliche, yeah?).

But I did not expect this one. This new show with a "dog" in it looks far-out crazy, I just like what I saw from its short teaser.

The series, Wilfred, is a half-hour comedy starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann. Wood's character is manic-depressive and suicidal, while Gann? Gann is the dog. No, seriously. He's in dog costume all the time.

Originally airing in Australia, Wilfred is created by Jason Gann and has been adapted for US Television, set to air this year.


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