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14 December 2008

Victory has ugly feet and other musings...

Have you done your Christmas shopping? I did quite a bit of that yesterday. But 'twas a big mistake. I did not realize it was just payday. My intention of just staying at the mall for under 3 hours? Stretched to a whole day and I was so tired! By the time I got home, I didn't have enough time to catch up on TV I missed this week.

Good thing they were only a few. One of them was Lipstick Jungle...which is down to its last few episodes. The show isn't in NBC's mid-season schedule for Jan to May. So, despite white Brooke Shields said? It's gone.

Speaking of... I don't know why this made it to the cutting room --- this shot of Victory's feet. It was dirty and ugly; when the whole storyline to this was that she was conscious of stripping down naked for a photo shoot and she doesn't think her body's that beautiful and someone had to prep her up and say she was.

Not that I don't have ugly feet myself but...they could have done something to hide this with that kind of a storyline.

I got too into it, I played this scene over and over.

See? Ugly feet ---


I was two episodes behind Dirty Sexy Money and I was just done watching last, last week's episode a few hours ago.

Let me just say this --- Karen slapping Nick George? Soap opera-ish. Classic. Priceless. It was unconsciously something I've been wishing for, ever since Nick has turned into this first class jerk in a matter of four or so episodes.

Made me even happier Karen was the one who got to do it. If there's anyone I looooove on this show, it's her.

Would have been a lot happier if she goes on a slapping frenzy. Karen, do your mom, do your dad, Jeremy, Simon and Lisa George for me, too! Hee! What a sick world that place is.


I had a couple of comments on this blog that I've mistakenly disapproved early today. I blame it on my disorientation. My body was still tired from yesterday.

So, if you're one of those who left to comment --- much appreciated! But I'm sorry, I moderated it by mistake. :(


This week, most of my favorites are officially going on a hiatus. Which means I have plenty of time to catch up on other programs.

But then again, I'm also leaving town for the holidays in a few of days so Too Much TV might translate to Too Much Partying in the next two-three weeks. I'd do my best to keep a few more updates though...I cannot NOT watch something while on vacation. That's just crazy.

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