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05 January 2006

Scrubs back!

A tight Orange Bowl game featuring two coaching legends put ABC back atop the ratings Tuesday, while the return of "Scrubs" to NBC didn't create much fanfare.

....well, not if you check torrents! Weheheh. D/L's by the thousands, just for the premiere episodes.

For season 5, JD's now an attending physician and calls former mentors, Perry Cox and Bob Kelso by their first names, since they are officially his "colleagues". Hehehe.

And my fave, Dr. Cox iiiiiiis back!

The editing from the premiere episode though was pretty....uh, botchy. Hmm.

Network: NBC
From Season 5 Episode 1 - My Intern's Eyes
Original Airing: Jan. 3, 2006


  1. I LOVE SCRUBS! I adore Zach Braff. *swoon* He looks geeky but he's still so cute. :D

  2. Exactly! :) Cute geeks are the perfect.