05 May 2011

Why aren't you watching "HAPPY ENDINGS" yet?

Just doing a quick blog post to let you know --- if you haven't gotten around to watching this newest couple/friendship sitcom on the block, Happy Endings, you're missing a lot of good laughs.

There's so many good things about this show. I dunno where to start.

I wrote a short introduction about it here and there have been six or seven episodes aired since.  And with every episode? It just keeps getting better and better. Walang patapon. (Nothing is wasted.) So consistently funny.

I have not been this eager and excited to watch something new from a comedy, week after week since, I don't know...How I Met Your Mother's earlier seasons? Sure, I love Modern Family. And I think The Middle is fantastic but so underrated. I definitely adore Community and I find Raising Hope endearing.

But there's something about Happy Endings that brings this familiar enthusiasm I have for a TV show. I knew I was hooked when one weekend, I was wishing it was a Wednesday already so I can watch a new episode.

I think I've found my new TV Best Friends. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Watch, watch, watch!