27 May 2011

Summer TV Guide 2011: What Are You Watching This Time?

My TV Watchlist is significantly slim this week because a lot of shows have already aired their season finale. If you still haven't gone over last season's shows, perhaps this is the time to catch up. You have a full week before another set of TV programs premiere for the Summer run.

I am looking forward to the return of Rizzoli & Isles, White Collar, The Big C, Pretty Little Liars and Drop Dead Diva. But there are some new ones worth checking out, as well:

*all in American time*

Franklin & Bash
June 1st
Lawyer series. Hip & young lawyer series. Looks fun. Stars that guy from Clueless (the skateboarding dude) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (didn't he just play a lawyer last season?)

Love Bites
June 2nd
This show almost didn't get done. It had all sorts of production problems or something. But I'm glad they're giving it a chance. Because I love Becki Newton (Amanda, Ugly Betty). Trailer looks adorable. Lots of familiar looking stars. Rock 'em, Becki!

9 Lives of Chloe King
June 14th
It's supposed to go back to back with Pretty Little Liars. I've seen the trailer before and I wasn't impressed to be honest. But I'm still gonna watch the pilot, just to see how it goes. It stars a new girl from...Canada, I think?

June 23rd
You can read all about this in a previous entry here.

Necessary Roughness
June 29th
Features a sexy shrink who works with football players and their issues. I dunno who the actress is, but I do find the premise interesting.

July 11th
If you're looking for a show to replace Heroes on your list, have a look at this one. Looks cool.

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