25 May 2011

First Look: Teaser & Photos from "REVENGE", new drama for 2011-2012 Season

Of the 30something new programs to air next season, the rights to air Revenge is apparently selling fast in the international TV market, such as Canada and Asia.

I have not heard of this show prior to reading about the news. But it's supposed to be favored along with The New Girl.

Checking the details, I was pleased to see that it will star Emily Van Camp, who I've grown to love on Brothers and Sisters. But I'm not so thrilled about the premise of Revenge.

Her character (who is also named Emily) returns to Hamptons with a vengeance, hence the title. Unknown to the rest of the elite living in this part of world, she used to be one of them. Their family used to be wealthy and had a status and reputation to preserve. Until something happened and they were forced to move away.

Emily has come back to Hamptons "to right a wrong". Can you imagine all the drama that's going to happen to this story then?

Here's the teaser and tell me what's the international appeal of this show: