18 May 2011

First Look: Teaser & Photos from "ONCE UPON A TIME" with Jennifer Morrison

I took a power nap tonight and dreamt of the Gingerbread Man talking to me in the kitchen. It was straight out of a scene from Shrek and I have this new show, Once Upon A Time, to blame.

Let me explain why...Once Upon A Time is a fantasy series. Where Snow White, evil stepmothers and other fairy tale characters mingle with regular people. Don't mistake the series for something light and fun to watch with the kids. It's made by the people who have written Lost. And more than anything, Once Upon A Time is probably just as confusing, but powerful, as that show.

I was staring at its artwork for more than ten minutes, I think. Maybe my subconscious took it all in. So I had a dream about the Gingerbread Man.

I was staring because....Once Upon A Time's artwork is the UGLIEST I've seen from an American series.

And apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed. Vulture says all of ABC Network's artwork of its latest shows are AWFUL. Take a look.

Anyway, here are teasers to Once Upon A Time.