31 May 2011

"The Glee Project" Search For The Next Glee Star Premieres June 12

I think I've said I'm done watching Glee. But, as much as I want to complete do away with it, the show won't let you forget it's still on air. The cast is still very much visible in the news, especially since their summer tour is on. I'm getting a case of Glee overkill. I'm at this point where I'm starting to dislike everyone in the cast now. :P

Which brings me to this....The Glee Project.

If you haven't heard, it's a reality TV series where nameless talents compete with each other, in the hopes of earning a plum role in Glee's succeeding seasons.

These are the ones who've made the cut and a few people are already standing out for me:

As much as I'd like to stay away from anything Glee, I think I'd like to watch this one. Only because there are new people to watch. And I'd like to catch the next new talent...before s/he ends up becoming useless in the actual series.

Here are the contenders singing "Fireworks":

The Glee Project will air June 12, six episodes, and will also feature Darren Criss. It will air on Oxygen.