07 December 2010

The Walking Dead Finale Makes History: 6Million Viewers

I think he whispered: "Your show's finale is going to rate really well!"

For someone who has sworn off the zombie genre, I was standing in front of the TV last night, clapping my hands, as I watched The Walking Dead's first season finale.

The show earned six million viewers, making it the highest rated season finale in cable TV history. Cable, as I've been saying on this blog, isn't accessible to a lot of viewers in the US. To have at least a million or two million viewers, is already a feat. Six million is...incredible!

The story, overall, was actually inconsistent. Not the best writing I've seen, as there were some things that had not been explained well. The first one being, Rick should have been dead in the pilot episode. Because, as I understand it, toxic gases were released at that time and there's no way he should have survived that without a gas mask (and he was lying in his hospital bed, remember?).

But the show worked. It was engaging.

Dunno why I, and six million other people, was drawn to this series. I hated seeing all those creepy ugly  faces of the undead. I covered my eyes and missed parts of the show when the characters encounter them. I did not want to see brain parts flying across the screen. I definitely didn't like hearing brain mushed to bits. Eeek!

What was The Walking Dead's appeal? Very rich storyline? Strong source material (each character definitely holds an interesting back story)? Fear raising our adrenalin/excitement?

What made you watch The Walking Dead and what did you think of the show's finale?