22 December 2010

How many musical orgasms did you get watching Sing-Off?

I know I haven't blogging anything related to Sing-Off Season 2. But I've been watching. For its short five episode run this year, I throughly enjoyed every second of it.

When it first aired last year, I had been doubting whether it's going to get another run or if I'd watch it again. Though Season 1 was entertaining and it was clear there were really talented contestants on it, I was still so high on Glee at that time. I dismissed Sing-Off as just riding on the Glee trend. I laughed when they gave Sing-Off Season 1 just four episodes of airtime.

But like many TV shows where the first year usually starts out unevenly, I thought that Sing-Off found the right note on its second season. Not that Season 1 was bad (because it wasn't). It was new and it was still finding its right place on TV. So this time around, I think they finally did.

I was talking to the husband about it the other day (he is a huge fan of singing contests!) and both of us noticed the improvements this year. For one thing, it was hard to pick a group we can diss, because all the contestants were wonderful.  It took me till the fourth episode (of five!) to finally say that my favorite from this year's batch is Street Corner Symphony. [Click this link to watch Sing-Off Youtube Videos of this group]

But the winner, Committed, deserved their spot, without any doubt. In fact, when they sang this song below, I screamed my heart out in front of the television. I guess this is what Nicole and Shawn (two of the judges) meant when they said they get "musical orgasms" whenever Committed is performing.  Mine would have to be multiple, coz this was mind-blowing good:

Sing-Off set the bar for putting a show where real talent, and not just star power, is the main reason why you would want to watch it. And so for Season 2, viewers began to notice and started talking about it, tuning to it, watching it.

The second season did so well that, according to news vines, when the finale aired a few days ago, NBC actually rewarded Sing-Off extra thirty minutes of airing. And as inspired by that (so, it's no longer just a Glee trend then), NBC is coming up with another singing contest to compete with American Idol and Simon Cowell's XFactor USA. That new show is named The Voices of America, produced by Mark Burnett, who gave us Survivor.

Sing-Off is looking to get a third season run next December. That kind of worries me because... now that people are starting to notice this show, the powers that be may be eager to do a few changes so that it becomes more commercial. I hope that doesn't happen.

Did you watch the Sing-Off? Who was your favorite? How many musical orgasms did you experience?