12 December 2010

Time Magazine's Top 10 TV for 2010

Time Magazine's Top TV Shows 2010
Time's annual Top 10 list is out as compiled by TV Critic, James Poniewozik:

  • 1. Breaking Bad
  • 2. Mad Men
  • 3. Parks and Recreation
  • 4. Louie
  • 5. Boardwalk Empire
  • 6. Party Down
  • 7. The Pacific
  • 8. The Good Wife
  • 9. Rubicon
  • 10. Terriers
Poniewozik actually has a long explanation as to how he picked all these. As far as I can remember, he has been doing this list for more than five years.

You can read his column, as well as the list of his Honorable Mentions, here.

There's one thing I've curiously noticed from all these lists I've just compiled is the absence of Friday Night Lights. This show used to come up every time, including on Poniewozik's annual offering. It doesn't surprise me though, as FNL has gone through changes in characters and stories the last two years and it is not entirely the fault of the writers and its creators. The characters have to move on and "graduate".