13 December 2010

The Jimmy Halpert Comics (The Office) Download

In last Thursday's Christmas episode of The Office, Pam revealed the homemade (hand-made? self-drawn?) gift she had made for hubby, Jim. It's this comic book featuring her husband, whose nemesis was this bear (which I suspect is inspired by Dwight).

There was this whole story line involving this comic book and Pam...and why she thought of giving this to Jim, and what the rest of her co-workers thought about it, and what she actually received as Christmas present from her husband.

But the best part was Jim's reaction. I think he teared up knowing how much effort his wife poured into this gift.

And then I went, "Aww..." watching it all on TV.

Anyway, some parts of the comic is available for download at the NBC Office site.

The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert 
I did not think this was the best Christmas episode of the show.

But these moments from Jim and Pam; or the fact that Holly Flax is back (albeit briefly) and Michael's pining for her again, makes watching The Office still worthwhile.