07 December 2010

New York Magazine's Top 10 TV for 2010

You know what I love about year-ends? Top 10 Lists of Best TV Shows!

And the first I've seen is this one, from New York Magazine. This is kinda late, in fact. I normally read lists like this, as early as November. It's probably because I haven't been making my usual rounds of blogs and TV sites lately. Gotta find me some time to waste on the internet! :P

Anyway, here's their pick:

You can read more of why those shows have been chosen HERE.

Surprised to see Louie in the list. It's the kind of show that takes a while to get used to. Sometimes I don't even get the humor of that show and I already have a slightly twisted sense of humor.

Terriers is something I intend to finish watching (only saw 2 episodes so far). It's just been cancelled due to poor ratings (viewers didn't even reach a million). But I've been reading so much about how stellar writing is for this program, so it's on my "Must Watch" list. That it's been cancelled makes it easier for me to pick it off from my list, since I only have to follow eleven (or so) episodes more. The holidays would be a great time to catch up.

Never did bother with Treme and I keep seeing it on someone's Top 10, year after year. Maybe I should start getting bothered? Hmmmm.

Like NY Mags list? Which ones do you agree with?