10 December 2010

Maureen Ryan's Top 10 TV for 2010

Terriers is on most everyone's Top TV List!
Maureen Ryan is one of those columnists/writers/TV critics whose opinions I love to read and follow. Her insights on anything television is something I can pretty much relate to, even when I don't agree with it sometimes. Her viewing list is also long and varied; she watches the most popular and perhaps the most obscure. I sometimes learn to love unpopular shows because of what she's said about it.

Here is her Top 10 list for this year.

  • #10 - ABC's comedy trifecta -- 'Cougar Town,' 'Modern Family' and 'Better Off Ted.'
  • #9 - AMC's drama trifecta -- 'Mad Men,' 'Rubicon' and 'Breaking Bad.'
  • #8 -'Boardwalk Empire,' HBO.
  • #7 -'Fringe,' Fox.
  • #6 -'The Good Wife,' CBS. --- Watching 'The Good Wife' is not just like having your cake and eating it too, it's like having your cake, eating it and then finding out it's made of organic, locally grown vegetables. It's almost too good to be true. It has so many things that could be cheesy or soapy or predictable -- standalone weekly stories, courtroom shenanigans, a love triangle, for heaven's sake! Yet this show manages to be both escapist and dramatically challenging by handling all those elements in smart, thoughtful, creative ways, and by giving its top-notch cast of regulars and guest actors frisky, engaging material to play.
  • #5 -'Lost,' ABC
  • #4 -'Parks and Recreation,' NBC.
  • #3 -'Party Down,' Starz.
  • #2 -'Spartacus: Blood and Sand,' Starz.
  • #1 -'Terriers,' FX.

Once again, Terriers is on the list. I really have to get to that show. I was planning on watching it the other night, but was sidetrack by....SLEEP!

You can read her comments for each of those programs here.

You can also find her runner-up list here. I am telling you, she watches a lot and any kind of TV.