19 January 2009

United States of Tara Pilot

Interesting can't even begin to describe what United States of Tara is. I've read though that not everyone who saw the early streams (as Tara premiered on the internet before it did on TV the other week), didn't really find anything to like about this new series. I guess that's usually the effect Diablo Cody (Juno) has with the audience. She is the creator of the show. And with her, it's either you like her stuff or you don't... no in-betweens.

Well, I like this. And I like Tara's....err... diversity. Who wouldn't? She has four personalities living in one body --- she could never be boring. One can't possibly not love Toni Collette. Because she is one talented genius, playing all personalities to a T. (Incidentally, T is one of her personalities, a 15 year old who speaks like those kids on Juno).

The show is without hitches as some execution felt uneven. But I'd tend to overlook that for now and just relish in the new-ness of it.

What I can't understand...and maybe this will be explained later in the series (it should!)....is when and what triggered Tara to become crazy. ???

Her family is obviously very, very supportive of her. They deal with her multiple-egos with patience, acceptance, humor and understanding. And Tara's husband (John Corbett) is a perfect catch. Imagine sticking with her for 17 years, indulging and accommodating each of the four people in her head, while not ever thinking about giving her up and living his own life. There's a good, good man!

With Tara's kind of a support system from her family unit, what did really make Tara crazy then?

I can't wait to find out and meet her other personalities in the next episodes.

United States of Tara airs on Showtime.