14 January 2009

24 Bromance, Showmance Back On!

There's nothing like a show like 24 to pump my adrenalin! Jack and Tony. Tony and Jack. They are back....and they're still good together.

This may seem like Jack was gonna kill Tony, because what does he know? He saw his friend died .....and now he's back working for the bad guys? I'd be pissed, too.

But the truth was revealed in 24 Season 7's third episode --- Tony was actually doing deep undercover! Jack is relieved and now their teaming up again. Reunited. Their bromance is alive! Watch out House and Wilson!

Jack is even back with that sling bag he carries around...where did that come from?

Throw in Bill Buchanan and Chloe in the mix....and my show is back on it's feet. In a big way! Old school 24, right there. And the story so far? It's developing really well. I am so happy, I cried. :D

Nothing like a good show to keep my mind off things for a while.