16 January 2009

Awww. JD + Elliot = <3

JD: Elliot I've never really been able to get over the idea of 'us'. I'm still crazy about you.
Elliot: I don't really know what you want me to say...
JD: Maybe you could tell me if you feel the same way.
Elliot: (sarcastically) Yeah.
JD: Maybe you could tell me without sounding angry...
Elliot: But JD you crushed me. I mean I gave you my love and you threw it back in my face and pretty much scarred me romantically. I mean now I'm doomed to a life gravitating to safe boring guys who I don't really love and I'm repelled by the ones I care for deeply. So, thank you for that...
JD: Look if it helps, you hurt me too.
Elliot: Really?
JD: There were so many times I wanted to be with you so badly, you shot me down. Like when we first met. Uh, when you wanted to be sex buddies.
Elliot: Oh yeah...but that's when I found work so overwhelming, I didn't want you....
JD: Blah, blah, blah, blah...I'm sorry we've just been down this road so many times, you know? I mean, seriously doesn't even talking about it makes you hate yourself a little bit?
Elliot: I can't tell if it's the normal amount of hating myself or on a slightly higher level of self-loathing.
JD: You're too hard on yourself...
Elliot: No, I'm not. I'm just stupid and ugly and I have a pigface. (JD laughs). JD, we're just back here again because we're both lonely and neither one of us has had physical contact for months...


Elliot: We have so much history, most of it bad.
JD: Yeah.
Elliot: How can we ever get past that?
JD: We can't.
Elliot: Oh, good...that makes me feel better. :P
JD: But maybe we could remember all our pitfalls like a roadmap. Maybe this time we could avoid all the drama. We don't have to be that couple where one of us says they're moving out of town and one has to rush to the airport to stop them. We don't have to argue about whether or not we were on a break.
Elliot: You watched a Friends marathon last night, didn't you?
JD: I did I loved it. The point is Elliot, you are a lot stronger than you used to be. I changed too. I have a beard now.


Elliot: I know we're talking but I still like we're being so careful, you know?
JD: We're just scared. I made so many mistakes in my life because I was scared. It's the reason I bailed when you said, "I Love You," it's the reason ---
Elliot: Blah, blah, blah, blah...
JD: Okay....but I am scared of ending our friendship.
Elliot: What if I get hurt again?
JD: What if you pick up a new STD?
Elliot: For the last time, that was not an STD! It was a urinary tract infection that I got from having sex with you in the pond! Ugh....I tell you what else I don't wanna deal with - all the judges from everyone else, Dr. Cox, Jordan, even Turk and Carla, I mean it's almost not enough of a reason to do anything.
(Dr. Kelso interrupts) Dr. Kelso: Hogwash!
JD: Excuse me?
Dr. Kelso: That ridiculous drivel you just said....Uhm, but who am I to talk. Here I am eating some kind of a banana sawdust muffin and hiding out in this crappy excuse of a coffee place. Who the hell cares what anybody else thinks? Just look into your heart, do whatever the hell makes you happy.
And so, they're back together. After four years since that devastating break-up, is it?

Scrubs has been so stellar this season, so far. They are determined to close this show with enough fireworks for us fans to remember forever.

Thank you, Bill (Scrubs' creator)!