18 January 2009

Friday Night Lights Ends Season 3 Beautifully

Direct TV has just finished airing Season 3 of Friday Night Lights (13 episodes total), as the show premiered on broadcast television (NBC) this week.

I have been following FNL 3 for the last 13 or so weeks...those who are going to watch it on NBC from now till spring should prepare themselves for what is truly an amazing story development.

It's been said before, and I reiterate --- this is a great show nobody is watching!

Forget about the uneven second season, the third one makes up for everything ----
  • From Julie and Matt finally doing the most intimate thing couples do, to her parents learning of it, to Tami talking to her daughter about this new level in her relationship;
  • From Tyra falling in love with a heart-breaker, to needing Landry still, to Landry standing up for himself to her, to finally accepting he is the one she really loves and has stood by her;
  • From Lyla supporting Tim, to Tim supporting Lyla, to Lyla losing a family with her dad disappointing her big time, to her gaining a new family with the Riggins --- Bill & Mindy and Tim;
  • To Jason Street's new found responsibility, independence and hopefully, success; to Smash's new achievement;
  • To Eric and Tami's new challenges
All of these and MORE? Puts FNL Season 3 back on my top-list.

The finale laid the groundwork for what should be a fresh and captivating Season 4, should that turn out well (it's still not known if the show is getting a fourth season). But at the same time, it seems obvious we won't be seeing back a lot of these characters anymore, and will be rooting for new ones.

In a way, it's sad if you think about it. There will be no more Jason, Smash, Tyra or Lyla or Tim. But I liked the way the writers provided them closure. I was very satisfied with the way things ended for a lot of these characters.

On the flipside, the future of Eric Taylor's coaching career offers something new and I can't wait to see what that is.

Seriously, Grey's Anatomy should take a cue from this show's writing team, from planning to development to execution. :P