09 January 2009

Lie To Me Pilot

Having recently re-watched Tim Roth in this old Tornatore movie, The Legend of 1900, it was a bit difficult for me to disassociate his character there to his character on Lie To Me. I was waiting for him to break into a piano rendition any minute. Heh.

Anyway, in Lie To Me, Tim Roth is Dr. Cal Lightman, a behavioral scientist who is like this human lie detector... he reads body languages and in the process, helps solve crimes with his deductions.

The closest series I can compare it to would have to The Mentalist. Except Roth's character has a snarkier personality. And he doesn't have Patrick Jane's (Simon Baker) adorable smile.

Though there's nothing about Lie To Me that breaks ground, it is still engaging enough and interesting enough because --- I get pointers about telling if a person lies! Oh, yes...I am taking down notes, people! Hah!

The show will premiere on the 21st of this month.

The pilot episode is a bit decent. Roth...or rather, Dr. Lightman, works with 3 other people here (they should always have a team, don't they?) and they all seem to have interesting backgrounds as well. I would be curious to know what else is there in their stories.

I'm watching this one some more...