24 January 2009

TV Round Up: They fired Bikini Girl!

Ooh, I've got some catching up to do! I mean with this blog, not with watching. I've been watching, haven't been writing about it. I'm writing on my personal blog more these days, it's therapeutic. So, anyway...

Whatever happened to American Idol's David Cook's visit to the Philippines? He is now going on a College Tour.

Speaking of Idol. Remember Bikini Girl in this season's first episode? Hooters Fired Her.

George Clooney returns to ER for one last visit as the show bows down this year. With ER going, NBC is replacing it with two medical dramas --- Trauma and Mercy.

House + Cuddy = Huddy. They will do the deed? Shark jump?

How funny is this: Is Lost's Hurley the Next Ghost Romancer on ABC?

Pushing Daisies' last three episodes might be aired in the summer (June).

I am curious about The Diplomat.
“The Diplomat,” a two-part, four-hour counterterrorism mini-series on Saturday on Ion, was made for British and Australian television and is similarly disorienting. It stars Dougray Scott and is a little like Fox’s “24,” only murkier and much shorter: “24” divided by 6 and steeped in Graham Greene.

Also curious about Happy Town. Lotsa new shows next season, huh?

CSI ratings went down with Grissom now gone.