16 January 2009

TV Round Up: Which TV Character is Going To Die in the Movie Version?

That Amy Ryan is set to comeback on The Office makes me giddy. Best Love Affair ever.

I haven't been updated on Smallville at all. But Lana's gone? And apparently, for good?

What's the real deal on Lipstick Jungle? I am getting restless about news of it's cancellation and un-cancellation. Pretty soon, I won't even care.

Friday Night Light's season 3 ends next week. Will there be a Season 4?

Jack Bauer will die if 24 becomes a movie
. Why did they reveal the ending, the movie's not even being done?

Are you going to watch a Jericho Movie?

Check out soon: Light Years --- a show about young parents, young marriages, airing on CBS.

Spartacus is getting remade on TV? Hmmm...

Meet Mommy McDreamy.

Kelsey Grammer's new TV project is about the financial crisis.

Looks like John Mayer's Variety Show is going to happen.

New show Party Down: a reunion of Veronica Mars characters.