10 September 2006

Something about my boy

I taught my 8 year old how to use Windows Movie Maker the other day and this was one of his projects:

He needs to learn more about editing, but my boy's getting the hang of it pretty fast. And if there's one thing this boy had too much of, it's too much Spongebob. He rattles on about the show all the time...


Incidentally, I've just seen a recent episode of Celebrity Duets. I think there's no need for me to finish this short series, I know who is going to win, coz there's no one else just as good:

This show is so interestingly bad, yet I cannot help but watch it. If you're singing contest junkie, this ought to be on your guilty pleasure list. I even find myself dancing to someone's bad rendition of a Pointer Sister's number of a Kevin Loggins classic.

So where does this story fit into my son's story? Well, the song sang by Jai Rodriguez (with Brian McNight) was the number 1 song when my son was born in 1997.