15 September 2006

World War 3 begins today

The last season of Survivor I've watched was Pearl Island, the All-Stars Season. Since then, there had been around two or three (or four?) seasons I've missed. And I've made it a point to miss it. I have actually gotten to that point where I got tired of this. I thought that it was getting repetitive and predictable (only realized that after 10 seasons...or was that 8 seasons?)

In this new season, they're introducing a new twist: teams will be divided into race. So, that's why I'm back to watching it again. Because I love to analyze conflicts and pretend I'm a shrink (who did not get a slot at UP-PSYCHOLOGY coz I failed the UPCAT... I'm suddenly feeling quite bitter about that after several years, LOL!), this new twist just screams it.

Rooting for this guy, by virtue of, what else but RACE! Gay, athletic and Filipino-American, Brad Virata >>>

So today at 1 PM on Studio 23, the war is on. Quite a few people are alarmed but for the sake of entertainment on TV (whooohoo!) hope this one's not a dud because, man ...I want blood!

Survivor Cook Island
Original Air Date: Sept 14, 2006
Network: CBS