03 September 2006

Sing, sing a song...

The other day, I came up with a list of Singing Contest/TV Shows that I currently keep tabs of. You wanna know how many? It's crazy. I'm currently trying to watch all of it. Some I do more than others, some I look forward to more than the rest...but my TV viewing has been filled with too many music or singing, that it prompted me to buy the latest DVD of The Sound of Music (40th Anniversary Edition) and have made me prebook the latest DVD of Grease (Rockin\' Rydell Edition), even when I already have the previous releases. It also prompted me to dig up my old minus ones (casette tapes!!) and raid my fathers collection of Karaoke DVDs. I had my own concert the other day, much to my son's protest (Mommy, nakakahiya sa neighbors!).

Truth is, I can sing. Or at least I used to. I've won competitions back in the day. But because I stopped training, and started dating (wehehe), singing took a backseat. A few weeks ago, I was able to find a friend on Friendster. She and I used to sing together and even compete (on friendly terms, she really was my buddy!). I found out she was already singing abroad, professionally (earning like an equivalent to Php 80,000 a month or something), and has even recorded an album with her former band here (didn't become a hit though). I said to myself that if I had pursued singing all the way, I may have walked the same path as K.

But some things were not meant to be. Today, I don't have my soprano voice. Today, I even have pitch problems. And if my voice teacher can hear me now, she would say I've been singing from my throat and that I am not using my head tone. Today, I sound better in the shower and not with a microphone.

So, you could say that along with my being a frustrated TV executive, I am a frustrated singer. But thanks to these talent shows, I still get to enjoy singing. Some of these contestants in these shows are really good and if these happened in my day, I would have to be up against really good singers and lose to them.

I am currently watching:

Australian Idol 4
Rockstars: Supernova
The XFactor UK 3
Canadian Idol 4
Philippine Idol 1
Pinoy Dream Academy
Celebrity Duets

I also tried to view: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, the search for the lead for the musical (I think this is for Broadway?)...and even if I cannot understand a single word, I checked out Idols (Sweden)

So, can you blame me for launching a concert in my bedroom the other day?

Of all the ones I currently watch, none of it compare to my favorite Singing Contest, and that is Australian Idol. I've been a fan of this show since 2004. Here are videos of two of my favorites from this current season. The reason why I like them is because they're very talented, it doesn't matter that they don't like stars. Their kind of music, and that kind of singing, one which you can never find anything like it, is what makes me a fan:

Bobby Flyn - Under The Milkyway

Damien Leith - You Are So Beautiful

My other favorite, Chris Murphy, has yet to battle it out in the Wildcards round today. Hope he gets through.